Life of a Lawyer

Lawyer Dominic has been known to court controversies during his career. The lawyer who hails from Williston is not new to negative publicity and it seems that bad thinks follow his way. If you have been following all the scandals that have shrouded the auto accident lawyer san francisco, then you can recall when he pleaded for criminal contempt charges. The lawyer has become famous and an instant celebrity for hitting headlines in the mainstream media for going against the law.


The law caught up with the nursing home abuse lawyer st. petersburg fl after violating an order of violation and was further charged with making indirect connection with the ex-wife. In August 2003, the lawyer was later charged with chocking her girlfriend in their home at Williston.

The law ordered that the lawyer to be retained for one year until all is fine with Dominic. Later in 2012, the lawyer was again on the wrong side of law, and charged with harassment and stalking. The famous attorney was in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

The charge also included exhortation of money from his ex-wife and threatening to file false information to the police. This was to falsify that the wife was a threat to him and would be given a restraining order. The give up my baby for adoption efforts in trying to get his life in track never came to fruition as other charges fell on him.

Dominic had violated an order to stay away and was further charged with behaving in a disorderly manner. The same law that the lawyer has been using to defend his clinets, was catching up with him. It was being used in the same measure that he had defended it over his law years.

As things were cooling down, the mortgage los angeles was later charged in February 12, 2013 for stealing a pocket book from a retail store in Manhasset. The lawyers life was going upside down and the more that he wanted to correct things in his life, the more the hand of law caught with him. He was suspended from practicing law for being on the wrong with law for most of the time and failing to refund clients their money after cases.

However, from the controversies that the lawyer has been involved in, he has been able to represent various famous people in court. Among the people that the lawyer has represented are Joey Buttafuoco, Jessica Hahn and Massapequa.


Even with his vast knowledge on law, the business lawyer los angeles has not been able to keep away from things that can taint his career; His refusal to pay his clients and refund back money in many cases as another scandal in itself. Time will tell if the lawyer will come to terms with the numerous cases that he has dealt with in court; but in the public domain Dominic remains the best tampa water damage that is famous for wrong reasons.

Rumors has it that lawyer is bankrupt and is trying to recollect his life from the cases that he has been faced with over the years. Dominic should understand that law is law and he has to follow it in order to survive in the career.

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